My thoughts gag my mouth; my ideas fetter me. I better speak up soon. Else, the force inside that I resisted will explode and destroy the world which I abhorrently adore.

Would you care to listen?

An hour or two from now, I shall eat and sleep and not let my MX bother me.

All ye pluviophiles:

I sincerely hope you’re happy now.

Most important, I hope you’ll see hazard only in those storm-clouds where it exists and live life more fully in the clear skies between them.
Gavin de Becker, from The Gift of Fear (via the-final-sentence)

I am because we are.

Ubuntu—how nice it would be if everyone thought the same.

The idea of utopia is always interesting, yet barely touching the plane of reality.

I don’t feel sleepy. In fact, I never thought anyone could be this painfully awake.

I’m annoyingly prideful.

I’m sorry.

A happy kid isn’t me, thankfully.

These would never compensate for all the things that remain unsaid. The same way a new cup can never take the place of a broken pot.

I speak nonsense. I speak.

When I’m at the peak of something, it’s hard to get me down.

This is the reason why I approve of Newton’s first law of motion. I observe it not only among physical entities, but also see it embedded in lives and existences where no one could suspect its proof would be witnessed.